Broussard "Beausoleil" Family at Myrtle Place Elementary, Lafayette, La.

The "Famille Beausoleil" continues to be a Leader in the push to re-introduce French, the native tongue of the Acadians,  back into the Acadian Society of Louisiana. Recently the "Famille Beausoleil" adopted Myrtle Place School of Lafayette as the school they would assist in upgrading their program. To this means, we voted funds to be used towards the purchase of French Cd-Rom lesson Plans, as well as Dictionaries for assisting the students of these immersion classes. 

Eddie Richard receives check from J. Maxie Broussard for Immersion Program

Don Louis Broussard and students at Myrtle Place Elem. School display check from Broussard Family.  The check was presented to Principal Ms. Lemelle and her staff: (L to R) France Trepanier, Darlene Broussard, Delphine Coumpouras, Diane Cagel, Claudine Lovichi and 
Ms. Lemelle.

Don Louis Broussard, Earlene T. Conover, J. Maxie Broussard with Ms. France Trepanier displaying check.

Lori Broussard, Millie Broussard, Darlene Broussard, Earlene and Mitch Conover along with J. Maxie Broussard at the presentation.

The Broussard "Beausoleil" Family were instrumental in providing much needed supplies to the faculty of Myrtle Place Elementary School, Lafayette, La.  for teaching French through their involvement in the French Immersion Program.  Below are pictures of a day of Recollection and Thanks  provided by the school to members of the "Beausoleil Family", and to other parents that help at the school.  This school is exceptionally well organized and disciplined, as well as exceptionally clean.  Many accolades to Principal Lemelle and her staff.

La famille Broussard "Beausoleil" être  instrumental in fournissant beaucoup livres a la faculté de Myrtle Place Elementary School, Lafayette, La. pour enseignant Français à travers leurs involvement dedans l'Programme Immersion Français.   Souivente sommes  de images du jour de Souvenance et merciment  fournis par l'école à merciment à la "Famille Beausoleil," et à autre parents cette aide à l'école.   Cet école extraordinairement puits organise et disciplinai, ainsi que extraordinairement nettoie.   Nombreux accolades à Directrice Lemelle et ses personnel.

Visitors are greeted by an elegant sign that really says it all.

The day began with a get-together of some of the visitors:
Seated:  Earlene T. Conover (Beausoleil Family), Harvey Broussard (Beausoleil Family), Shaun Courville (Northgate Cinema), John Claude Arceneaux (Arceneaux Family), Ben Berthelot (Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling Co.) and Standing:  Loubert Trahan (CAFA Sec-Treas.), L. Paulette Lemelle (Principal), Mitch Conover (CAFA Genealogist and Beausoleil Family)

Members of the Broussard "Beausoleil" Family visiting a Classroom.


Candid Photos of Classrooms visited by "Broussard's" and others.

Students in Computer Lab using programs and supplies from Broussard "Beausoleil" Family.

More Classroom Photos

Some of the delicious food and refreshments enjoyed by the visitors.

Don Louis and Millie Broussard, instrumental in providing supplies at Myrtle Place Elementary enjoying lunch.

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