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                Amand Broussard House at Vermilionville Rededicated

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, the 233 year old Amand Broussard House at Vermilionville was rededicated.  All Broussard descendants were invited to attend.  A large number heeded the calling, meeting each other for the first time.  The recompletion was accomplished to the tune of approx. $50,000.  One attending, Ebony T. Fusilier, has started a Facebook about Eloi Broussard, the great great grandson of Amand, saying that there are Broussard's all over the country, and foreign, that do not know that this place even exists, or aware of their Acadian roots.  Also on hand was Michelle Johnson, Curator at Acadain Memorial, St. Martinville, La. discussing the availability of material at that site.  Don Arceneaux noted that though the event was to honor Joseph "Beausoleil" Broussard, his brother Alexander should also be given credit for being involved with the struggle against the British in the "Acadie du Nord" which is now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, as well and Prince Edward Island.

David Cheramie,
Vermilionville, Lafayette, La. opens the ceremonies


Broussard Cousins attending Rededication

D'Jalma Garnier & Friend
entertaining crowd.


Period Furniture:  Coffee Table


Dinner Table

MC John Broussard introducing speakers and
so aptly handling the proceedings:


                          Old 4-Poster Bed


Corwin Broussard,
"Beausoleil" Assoc.


Dr. Reese, Univ. Louisiana Lafayette explaining the Univ. endeavors at finding
artifacts at the location of the early 1800's Amand Broussard Home Site on east side of the Bayou Teche.

              Part of Attending Crowd

Don Arceneaux, a Broussard Descendant, explains his passion for verifying genealogical information for
accurate data bases.

Dr. Ray Brasieur,  also from ULL discussing sources available to persons desiring finding their "Roots."

Warren Perrinn, founder of the Acadian Museum, Erath, La. inducting Dr. William Broussard, Florida, into the
"Living Legends" of the museum for his contribution to the culture.


Now, Roland, you should
know better than argue
with Warren.

Alan Broussard, son of Charles and Rose Broussard, "Flying J Ranch", south of Kaplan, La. (Forked Island) explaining their involvement in the cattle industry in Louisiana. 


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