Through out both Canada and in the United States there exists two separate branches of Broussard's (sometimes spelled BROSSART or BROZZART), and although my research has spanned forty five years,  I have yet to tie the two lines together; however, the search continues, and I am confident that eventually I,  or someone else will have success in bringing lines together. Though the two lines are separate,  both are intertwined by marriages throughout the years, and thus a relationship is in being through those marriages. In 1995 in the City of Abbeville, Louisiana, a group gathered for coffee at Black's Oyster Bar, for the purpose of forming a  Broussard Family Association. Among those present were  Mayor Brady Broussard of Abbeville, Daniel Broussard (Assessor of Vermilion Parish), Errol Brent Broussard (who called the meeting), Charles Broussard, Joseph Harvey Broussard (genealogist), Edsel Broussard (CPA from Lake Arthur, La), Russell Gaspard (Clerk of Court for Vermilion Parish), Chris Segura (Reporter of Abbeville Meridional), Mitch Conover (genealogist, and member of Congrès Mondial 1994 and 1999, assigned to assisting in family organizations), and numerous  Broussards. The meeting proved successful, with selection of a President (Errol Brent Broussard) and the selection of a Board of Governors. The name chosen by this group to represent the organization was to be "Famille Beausoleil". Errol Brent Broussard immediately went to work drafting a charter for the newly formed group, and once the charter was adopted by the group, Errol Brent contacted an Attorney, Warren Perrin, to obtain a State Charter. The rest is history, we formed and we grew. Today, as then, the goal of the "Famille Beausoleil" is to strenghten the ties of the past, to preserve the family traditions, cultures, language, and heritage that was passed on to us by the "Beausoleil Brothers", Alexandre and Joseph Broussard, as well as the children of the other Brothers who did not survive to be a part of the Louisiana Adventure.