Broussard "Beausoleil" Family Association

Photos-New Brunswick & Maine-2014 CMA Reunion

Notice Spelling

View of Long Lake, Maine

Waiting for Mass to Begin

Mass Beginning-Priest's Chjoir

Clergy Entering for Mass


Front: Madelyn B. Maragos, Cheryl Perret, Karen Schroder, Debbie B. Choate
Back:  Camille T. Huval, Faye B. Prejean,
Kim V. Broussard

Corwin Broussard, Sr. Yvonne Thibodeau, N.B.
Cheryl B. Perret

Alan Broussard, Nelwyn Hebert, Kim V. Broussard,
Brenda Broussard

Corwin Broussard address the gathering

Tintamarre, Matawaska, Maine

Alan Broussard is Roughing it!

Stephen White, Genealogist, GRA2011
Cannot be too careful!

Yard Art

More Yard Art

They are proud of their heritage and colors!

Acadian Nomes

Lets Dance

Another Mass Photo

Mrs. Earlene Broussard

Warren Perrin & His New Book

Zacharie Richard being Interviewed

Who or What's Dat?

Dat's Whose Dat!

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