Broussard "Beausoleil" Family Association

Photos-Nova Scotia-2004 CMA Reunion

The Broussard Family Banner was prominent at the Congre Mondial - 2004 Grand Pre Louisiana Day.


Don Broussard accompanied by Ms Barrillot who carried the banner at the Grand Pre, NS ceremonies while
Gene Broussard looks on.

Don Louis and Millie Broussard stand besides the "Beausoleil"Plaque just prior to its mounting on the side of  Sainte Croix Church.


Sheila Broussard stands proudly next to the plaque
after it has been mounted on the side of the church.

Broussard Family members gather at the
Deportation Cross in
Nova Scotia

Velma Broussard enjoying the Broussard Banquet with
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Broussard (Rose).

Sheila introduces Charles Broussard, Don Louis Broussard and
Mitch Conover to the crowd. 

Greeting Cousins!



The committee responsible for the reunion.

Lobster boats at low tide-Bay of Fundy, NS


Beautiful grounds of the Grand Pre Visitor's Center

The Mass closing out the Reunion Ceremonies.

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