Gazette Beausoleil

                                                                      April 20, 2013

Famille Beausoleil Association

April 20, 2013

President’s Message:

By: Corwin R. Broussard

May 11, 2013 we will be having our Famille Beausoleil Association reunion in conjunction with the rededication of the historic La Maison Broussard (the Amand Broussard Home ~~ Amand was the son of Joseph “dit Beausoleil” Broussard) at Vermilionville—300 Fisher Road (near the Airport) in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Included in this newsletter is a list of the activities that will be happening on this day. 


Doors will open at 9:00 am, with the ceremony starting at 10:00 am.  Entrance fee will be $5.00 per person for paid up members of the Broussard Family Association,

Non-Members fee will be $10.00. 


Vermilionville will be serving a Lunch Buffet for the price of $11.95 for adults.


Our Association has been dedicated to the teachings of French Immersion—so it is with great pride that we announce that Annie Perret, daughter of Louis & Cheryl Broussard Perret, is the recipient of the Partial Scholarship from CAFA to the St. Ann University in

Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. Also, additional donations were given to her from the Boudreaux and Famille Beausoleil Family Associations >>> Best of Luck Annie!!!


CMA2014 – Sheila Broussard, President of the “Famille Broussard Family Society, Nova Scotia”, has included in this newsletter an “Interest Form” to be filled out and returned to her by September 30, 2013 showing your interest/commitment in attending this Grand Reunion.


Also, Iva Clavell at Associated Travel in Lafayette, Louisiana is planning a group trip to the Congres Mondial Acadien 2014 in August 2014.  The trip will begin with a flight out of Lafayette, Baton Rouge or New Orleans and will also include ground travel by bus, hotels and other accommodations.  For more information on this trip, please contact Iva at (337) 233-5521 or (800) 280-5521.


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