Daigle Family Association Donates French  Books

Press Release, Lafayette, La. November 2, 2000
French Immersions students at Paul Breaux Middle School in Lafayette received 50 new French books through a donation from the Daigle Family Association in partnership with the Confederation of Associations of Acadian Families (CAFA).  The donation was presented to Immersion students by CAFA and Daigle Family Association representatives on Thursday, November 2, 2000 at the school.

The donation includes condensed version French books in the literary classic "Antigone," and LaRousse French/English dictionaries for use in the immersion language arts classes.

Mr. Charles Darby, French Immersion Language Arts instructor at Paul Breaux Middle School, is pleased about the donation.  "Educational materials in French are scarce and needed for middle school students,," says Darby.  "This donation will enable students to broaden their horizons in language arts and French."

Additional materials and computer equipment are still needed for the French immersion programs throughout Acadiana.  To make a donation to the French Immersion Programs through CAFA, contact Eddie Richard at 337-235-0538

French Immersion Teacher Charles Darby, on left, with A. J. LeBlanc, President of CAFA, with Eddie Richard, Vice President of CAFA and Jeanne Daigle, Daigle Family Representive at Book Presentation.

CAFA Vice President Eddie Richard explaining, in French, the sponsorship program to students at Paul Breaux Middle School while Mr. A. J. LeBlanc and Jeanne Daigle look and listen.

Students at Paul Breaux Middle School in French Immersion (In Alphabetical Order):
Nick Blanchard, Lindsey Brantley, Stephanie V. Caldas, Valerie S. Caldas, Erin B. Daigle, Samuel E. Hebert, Margo C. Huval, Hayley J. Jacobs, Lauren N. Leger, Cyrus D. Orgeron, Angeline C. Smith and Jessica Soileau, with Mr. LeBlanc, Mr. Richard, Mr. Darby and Mrs. Daigle in background.


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