The Delhomme/Delhommer Family members met recently at Soop's Restaurant in Maurice, La. with several members from throughout Louisiana and Texas in attendance.  There was lively discussion as to the descendancy from several progenitors, but all came to the conclusion they were all cousins in some form or other.  All enjoyed a hearty meal, dutch treat, and proceeded with election of the first slate of officers.  After the election it was voted to join CAFA and to also join with the other families in the area in having a family booth at the La. Purchase Celebration in Rayne, La. at the Civic Center on June 13, 14 and 15, 2003.

The following were elected as the first officers:

Eula F. Delhommer

Vice President:
Betty D. Hamilton

Danny Delhomme

You may contact either of the above for information on joining this new family association.  Please keep returning for information on the next meeting.