Evangeline Elementary Receives Books

October 11, 2000 was a first in Immersion Programs.  The Trahan Family Association became the first Acadian Family to present text books and work books to a school with French Immersion Program in it's curriculum.  This took place at Evangeline Elementary School, Lafayette, La. with a total enrollment of over 650.  Of this total, 156 are enrolled in the French Immersion Program, with 44 of these starting out in the Program, and in Kindergarten no less.

Rose Mary Trahan, Sec., Charles Trahan, President, Glady Trahan, Editor and
Mitch Conover, Genealogist, all from the Trahan Family Association standing in
front of the school prior to making a presentation of French books to the faculty and students of the French Immersion Program.

Students and Teachers look over French Books purchased by
Trahan Family Association.
Teachers, left to right are:   Elodie Viallet,  Anne NoŽl and Michelle Haj-Broussard
Students, front row, left to right are:
Josh Broussard, Teryn Lee, Samantha Navarre, and Alex Pope between 
 Samantha and Teryn

Officers of Trahan Family Association and Teachers
and Students.
Trahan Officers, L to R, Rose Mary Trahan, Charles Trahan, Gladys Trahan and
Loubert G. Trahan
Teachers, L to R, Marie de le Vingne, Elodie  Viollets,  Anne NoŽl
and Michelle Haj-Broussard
Students, Front to Back, Josh Broussard, Samantha Navarre,
Alex Pope and Teryn Lee