French Immersion Program

As of this date, September 16, 2000 some 14 of the CAFA Member Acadian Families have donated, or firmly pledged, a total of over $10,000 to supplement the French Immersion Programs in schools so involved.  Donations ranging from $250 to $2000 per family have been received.  We are now soliciting business sponsorship for the continued success of this program.  If anybody has any private donations, or know of a sponsor, please notify CAFA.

By action of the Board of Directors of CAFA, the following procedures are recommended for CAFA Member Families and other Donors in support of the French Immersion Program in Acadiana:

1.  Select a school with a French Immersion Program, or similar program.  A list of such schools is available upon demand.       

2.  Contact the principal of that school.  Tell him about the CAFA program and schedule a meeting with him and with the Immersion Teacher and with members of your Acadian Family Association, preferably someone living in that particular school district, or with a child or grandchild in the program.

3.  At this meeting, or subsequent meetings, encourage the teacher to select teaching materials that he or she needs and feels would enhance the classroom environment.  Procure the source if known, the prices, along with the number of students in the particular class or classes in order to determine the number of books or workbooks, or whatever to be ordered.

4.  Impress on the principal and teacher that no money is to come from their budget or pockets.  CAFA will pay the publisher or the wholesale directly for the material.

5.  Also advise the principal and teachers that families will not give money directly to the school, but rather pay for the supplies.  No equipment such as video equipment, etc. will be bought. 

6.  All such textbooks and workbooks would be considered on loan to the school and should the Immersion Program be abolished at that school, such material would be picked up to be used at another school.

7.  CAFA is coordinating this program and it is imperative that each donating family keep CAFA informed of its actions.

8.  For further information and/or help please contact Eddie Richard at 337-235-0538 or Loubert Trahan at 337-893-2084 or e-mail CAFA at the click below.

Special Note:  To further point out the importance of helping the survival of the French Language in Acadiana, please read the following:  Special Feature by Rev. Clarence J. d'Entremont in the               Ancestral Home Web Site.

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