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March 20, 2012

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Your Hebert Association board has approved a reunion (gathering) of its members for Saturday, April 21, 
2012 in Houma. This get together will be at the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum at 7910 Park Avenue, 
Houma, LA. The phone number is 985-580-7200. We have reserved the facility from 12 noon until 4 PM. It 
will be all ours for that time. 
This is the same location where the Houma GRA was held to unveil the Acadian Odyssey Monument. 
The facility doors open at 12 noon when we will have a catered meal free to members. 
Our Association will have displays, databases and various other items to share. Bring your lineages
to determine how you are related to other members. Bring information on your descendants so we can 
add their info to our ever expanding Hebert database. 
There is no charge to members of the Hebert Association. Non-members can pay the five ($5.00) dollar 
dues at the door by check or cash. However you can help by letting us know in advance if you plan to 
attend and how many will be with us for lunch. 
We are looking forward to meeting and sharing with one another. 
                                      MARCH 2012 
Grand Reveil Acadien (GRA) Activities held in Oct 2011 in Houma, Lake 
Charles and Lafayette attended by Hebert Association Members 
The Hebert Association was represented in three cities of the GRA—Houma, Lake Charles and Lafayette. 
We were the only family association in Houma so we had the audience all to ourselves. 
This was the site of the unveiling of the Acadian Odyssey Monument. The event was well 
attended. There were two speakers on Acadian genealogy and history one of which was our 
own Tim Hebert. 
The Lake Charles event had more family associations and was well organized in that the speaker 
(Stephen White) and the family tables were in the same room. The event was held in the Con-vention 
Center overlooking the lake. It was a beautiful setting and a wonderful experience. 
The event in Lafayette had the most family associations and again featured Stephen White who spoke at 
all three events but on slightly different areas of Acadian History and Genealogy. 
Ray Trahan, one of the organizers of the GRA, indicated that he hoped the GRA would be held 
every few years between the Congress gatherings. The GRA was started as plan B for Louisiana 
not being chosen for the 2014 Congress which will be held partly in Canada and the state of 
Maine. The GRA in Louisiana would keep an interest in Acadian history and promote gatherings among 
the various Acadian families. 
Inside this newsletter on pages 2-3 you will find pictures and captions of the GRA. 
Your Hebert Association had exhibits in Houma, Lake Charles and Lafayette. We were able to 
renew memberships and sign up new members. 

Houma was the site of the unveiling of the Acadian Odyssey Memorial shown at right. Many people came to 
witness this event. It was the highlight event of the GRA. A number of people traveled from Canada to be 
part of this dedication. It is the first Acadian Odyssey Monument in the USA. There are a number 
of them in Canada. Plans are to construct more in the USA as well as France. This is the story of our ancestors. 
It is important that this story be told and presented wherever our ancestors had to travel 
and settle after being forced out of their lands in Nova Scotia. 
On the monument is the story of LE GRAND DERANGEMENT. On the monument is the map of their odyssey 
shown in the picture below. The Deportation Cross stands on top. The order to deport our ancestors was 
signed on July 28 . Every year on that date a vigil is held at the sites. 

Above is James and Lona LeBlanc Bourque with Jeffery Bourque of the Bourque Family Association. 
Above is Newlyn Hebert , Donald Arceneaux and Renee Trahan Richard.
Here above is the HEBERT banner attracting visitors to our exhibit. We were the only family 
association at the Houma GRA. 
                         LAKE CHARLES GRA

The Lake Charles GRA had more family associations and was well organized in that the speaker (Stephen 
White) and the family tables were in the same room. Many people stopped by our tables which had dis-
plays and checked into data brought by Paul and Ed Hebert (shown at below). Our association maintains a
database of names which can be accessed by members who wish to search for their ancestors and link to 
other relatives. Our posters contained history on the Heberts.
We also had afghans, shirts and other items to sell. Membership forms were available for anyone wishing 
to join our association. Shown below is Stephen White who spoke at all locations. 
Below is John Hebert at the Hebert exhibit in Lafayette. Many Canadian visitors attended the 
GRA events in all locations. 
Below is Mary Hebert Avet during her visit to one of the monuments in Prince Edward Island. This monument is 
at a site of the deportation in 1758. 

GRA in Lafayette 

BREAKING NEWS Tim Hebert, our webmaster, shown below died Sunday, March 4. Condolences to 
his family. 

If you are an Hebert (last name) or if one of your ancestors (mother, grandparent, etc) were of this surname
then you are probably an Acadian-Cajun. If so, your ancestors lived in Acadie (Acadia) i.e. the Canadian
provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Their history of having to leave their homes 
and move to places such as Louisiana is part of your ancestry. Do you know your (their) story? 
If you wish to learn more about yourself then this association may be your best venue. We have many resources 
starting with this newsletter but also including genealogy databases of thousands of Heberts, a website 
(heberts.org), gatherings of members and most important our members themselves. This networking of our membership 
can lead you to find your specific history. The only requirement to join is to be interested in the Hebert name 
and pay an annual dues of five dollars ($5.00) per address. 
John & Kathy Hebert 
18488 Belle Alliance Rd 
Prairieville, LA 70769 
 Home: 225-622-4412 
Cell: 225-715-2081 
E-mail:  kathyh@eatel.net 
There is a tradition to have a vigil on this date to remember the signing of the deportation order 
responsible for our ancestors losing their lands, possessions and family members. Lest we forget and to 
pass the history onto our descendants, we are trying to organize an event on this date at the Acadian 
Odyssey Monument in Houma. Suggestions? 
It is not too early ! 
The 2014 World Acadian Congress, to be held from August 8 to 24, is in the planning stages. 
Their web site is www.cma2014.org and is being updated as plans are made. Our Association is in 
contact with the organizers and will provide in-formation to our members who may be planning 
to travel to this event. As in the past we will try to have travel agencies offer packaged tours to 
the event. More to come later! 
Please send us stories, ideas, suggestions for future newsletters. YOU are our reporters for this publication!