Le Grand Pique Nique

Le Band Feu Follet


Le Grand Pique-Nique de Louisiane
Les Amis de l'Immersion, the Lafayette Parish French Immersion parent support group held a picnic from 10 am to 2 pm at Acadian Village's large pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2000.

This Pique-Nique is an opportunity for all French Immersion programs in Louisiana to gather together and celebrate all that the French Immersion has to offer our children and the continuation of our heritage and culture.  French Immersion students and their families from Calcasieu, Lafayette, St. Martin, Acadia, Assumption, Orleans, St. Landry and Baton Rouge parishes were in attendance.  And attend they did, in large numbers.  The pavilion was packed and lawn chairs were everywhere.  The parking lot was full to overflowing.

Many activities were on the menu, all in French, including skits, songs, etc.
Le Band Feu Follet, a group of youngsters in the French Immersion provided Cajun Music entertainment.  Many feet were seen tapping along with the music.  Good food was plentiful, as well as souvenirs.

Special Note:  To further point out the importance of helping the survival of the French Language in Acadiana, please read the following:  Special Feature by Rev. Clarence J. d'Entremont in the Ancestral Home Web Site.