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The Richelieu Lege/Lger/Legre Family Association was instrumental in delivering French Text Books to the Maltrait Memorial Catholic Elementary School, Kaplan, La.  The photos show the second such shipment of books to the the school, totaling a value in excess of $1200.00.  The books were obtained through the efforts of CAFA and retired school personel in Quebec, Canada.  The Richelieu Lege/Lger/Legre Family are, along with other families with membership in CAFA, dedicated to preserving the French Culture and Language in the Acadiana area of Louisiana.  Present for the donation were Irving and Evelyn Lege, Napa, California, and Ray and Joyce H. Lege, Abbeville, La., along with a representative from CAFA.

Mrs. Rene C. Meaux, Principal along with Joyce H. Lege and Evelyn Lege proudly display part of the shipment of French Text Books, some with a religious grammer text.

Shown are Irving Lege, Mrs. Rene C. Meaux, Principal, Joyce H. Lege,
Evelyn Lege, and Ray Lege with sample books from the shipment.

The Richelieu Family members present a T-Shirt bearing the Lege/Lger/Legre Crest to the the principal.

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