Minutes of the Board of Directors, May 6, 2000

Attendees began arriving at 09:30 am and the group socialized until 10.15 am at which time President A. J. LeBlanc called the meeting to order.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Russell Gaspard.

The roll was called and those attending were:   Ronald Blanchard, James Bourque, Dudley Duhon, Russell Gaspard, Daniel Guidry, A. J. LeBlanc, Lea Ann Lejeune,  Eddie Richard, Johnny Comeaux, Helen Gravois, Shirley LeBlanc, and Loubert Trahan  Those who did not attend were:  Glenn Baudoin, Ruby Melancon and Karen S. Germain.

Guests in attendance were Lona Bourque, Earline Conover, Mrs. Eddie Comeaux, Wayne Simoneaux, Mrs. Ron Blanchard and Mr. Gravois.

A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the prior meeting was made by Johnny Comeaux, and seconded by Eddie Richard. The motion was voted on and passed.

The next item on the agenda was the Treasurer's Report, and was presented by the Treasurer, Loubert Trahan.  The report discussed Family memberships (36 of 54 attending Congres Mondial 1999 are now members), methods or ways to attract and bring into the organization those not yet belonging.  The idea of each family adopting a family that is not yet a member was broached.  Helen Gravois reported that she had contacts with persons from the Girouard and Bourgeois Families that would llikely be interested in leading those families.  She will follow through on this and report back to President LeBlanc and Loubert Trahan.  The CAFA Budget was covered and the balance on hand was also discussed.

A motion was submitted by James Bourque whereas the Entry Fee in CAFA would be a one time payment of $25.00 per family.  This was seconded by Russell Gaspard, was voted on and passed. 

A motion to accept the Treasurer's report was made by Daniel Guidry, seconded by Eddie Richard, voted on and was passed.

Next item covered was the availability of the Robert Dafford posters and was discussed by Russell Gaspard who will be in charge of marketing this item.  The information relative to cost, availability, and mailing was given to the Board and they voted to take charge of this project as it concerns CAFA.

New Business:
Eddie Richard briefed the Board on the Congres Mondial 2004 as to their progress, Web Sites, government financing, and possible housing made available by schools and universities.  General opinion by Mr. Richard was that they are further ahead than we were at the same stage of planning for the 1999 Congres here in Louisiana.  Officers and Committee Chairpersons have been elected and appointed for the 2004 events, as well as consultants with experience in the 1994 Congres' planning and successful fulfillment. (Special Note: See Press Release for names of Committee Officers)

It was also noted that the Canadian Government and the Congres Mondial 2004 has recognized that CAFA will be the sole contact in Louisiana for dissemination of Congres information, and that they will rely on CAFA for guidance and assistance.

Next Item was Mr. Richard discussing, with assistance from Loubert Trahan, the next Annual Membership Meeting, to be held in November with dates, locations and elections also discussed.  The first item voted on was the location after discussions by all members.  Daniel Guidry made the motion to keep the meeting in New Iberia in 2000.  The motions was seconded by Helen Gravois and the vote passed.  The date is to be decided after the availability of the site is determined.

Next the Board talked about the requirement of our Charter that eight Board Positions be up for filling in November 2000, either by the present members retaining their seats, or new members voted in.  This is to be voted on by the entire voting delegates for the member families (two delegates from each family association.)  In that the charter does not specify which members are due to be voted on, the Board pulled numbers from a bow, and the member that occupied that numbered spot on the Charter were selected to be voted on.  Those numbers were:#8- Glenn Baudoin;  # 9-Ronald Blanchard; #10-Johnny Comeaux; #11 Shirley Leblanc; #12 Ruby Melancon; #13-Russell Gaspard; #14-Helen Gravois; #15-James Bourque.  Those elected for these positions will be elected for a period of four (4) years; others not affected by this vote will be up for re-election or replacement in 2002.  The Board Members that have consistently failed to attend scheduled meetings will be notified by certified mail of the edicts of the By-Laws and each will be requested to notify the Board of their intentions of either staying on the Board and attending meetings, or be replaced at the coming election in November.

James Bourque then briefed the Board on a meeting he had with Ron Comeaux, concerning each family's requirement to file for renewal of Family Incorporation.  Mr. Bourque also talked about the requirement/non requirement of filing tax forms.

Mr. Bourque also talked about the approaching deadline for families to submit items or articles for inclusion in the next CAFA Newsletter due out in July.

A motion was then made by Eddie Richard, seconded by Johnny Comeaux to adjourn. The motion was voted upon and passed.

The Board and guests then enjoyed a meal provided by CAFA.  Those who missed the meeting missed out on some good food.

Respectfully Submitted by Mitch Conover, Acting Secretary
(This due to recent eye surgery by Sec. Shirley LeBlanc)


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