The Executive Committee of CAFA had the enjoyable task of meeting with the Lafayette Parish group known as "Friends of Immersion."  The meeting was conducted by three extra ordinary young ladies, the Vice President, Ann Meaux; the Treasurer, Martha Wyatt, and the Secretary, Karen Domingue.  This was necessitated by the previous commitment of the President, Annette Huval.

After students from Mrs. Marie de le Vingne's third grade class at Evangeline Elementary School, Lafayette, La. recited the "Pledge of Allegiance" to our "Old Glory" in French, the program proceeded.

CAFA's Vice President, Eddie Richard, spoke to the group of assembled parents, teachers and students of the role that CAFA is embarking upon.  That is the supplementing of class room teaching supplies to schools with French Immersion classes.  Each Acadian family with available funds are adopting a school and furnishing textbooks, workbooks and supplies needed by the teachers.  After Eddie's presentation, Loubert Trahan, CAFA Treasurer, then explained to the group the amount of money available, the schools that have already received help, and which schools have been adopted by which Acadian Family.  The parents were urged to contact the teachers at the different schools and help with the furnishing CAFA with the lists of needed books and supplies

Following are a few photos of the evening:

Ms. Karen Domingue, Martha Wyatt and Anna Meaux
conducting the meeting and listening to Eddie Richard.

Parents and Students Attend Meeting

3rd Grade, Evangeline Elem. School Students
Sebastian Hoffpauir, Rebecakah Romero,
Lauryn Semere, Alexander Pope, 
Tiffany Walter and Naguisha Charles reading a dialogue in French for the group.

The same students enjoying singing their French Song.

Lauryn's "Linge De Vie"


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