CAFA Meeting -Nov. 6, 1999, New Iberia, La.

The Annual Meeting was held at the Recreation Center in New Iberia, La.  Approximately  140+ people attended.After the meeting was called to order by President A. J. LeBlanc, Board Member Russell Gaspard led the gathering in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Officers and Board Members then made statements on:  Purpose of  CAFA, Financing CAFA,  Membership in CAFA, and Keeping Family Associations active and functioning.The spokesperson for the following families gave brief reports of their individual family reunions, including rough estimates of the attendance:

Arceneaux:  700 Breaux:  500 Guidry-Petitpas:  525 Richard:  1000+
Babineaux & Granger:  700 Broussard:  1000+ Guilbeaux:  600 Rogers:  500
Baudoin:  300+ Comeaux:  600-700 Hebert:  1200 Roy:  400
Benoit:  250 Cormier:  1000 Landry:  1000+ Savoie:  500
  Duhon:  600    
Bertrand:  250-300 Daigle:  600 LeBlanc:  3000 Simon:  650+
Blanchard:  500 Doucet:  450 LeJeunne-Young:  1100+ Sonnier:  1000+
Boudreaux:  1000 Dupuis:  300 Maillet:  300 Thibodeaux:  500+
Bourq-Bourque:  600 Gravois:  700 Melancon:  500 Trahan & Leger:  1000
The Focus of the meeting was on keeping the family organizations going.  Just as  FAFA was organized to keep the Acadian Family organizations in Canada functioning after CMA 1994, CAFA was organized prior to the conclusion of CMA Louisiana-1999 to assist the Acadian family organizations in Louisiana.  At the present, 37 of the 57 organized family reunion organizations are dues paying members of  CAFA.  It was voted by the attending delegates to raise the annual dues to  CAFA to $100 per association.  This would begin January 1, 2000, although the  CAFA Board of Directors have indicated that with the excellent prospect of  getting sufficient sponsors,  this could be tabled to such time that the financial needs of CAFA would be greater.  It had been envisioned by the organizers that this organization could operate without being a burden on its members, but rather by business sponsorship.

After hearing from anyone with remarks or questions, the gathering split up into 4 distinct gatherings for round table discussions on:  genealogy, newsletters, finances, and keeping the Family Associations functioning and active.  Two of the main ideas were that each family association continue having meetings and keeping in touch with their members.  The recommended manner for this would be by newsletter and mini-reunions between the larger Congre Mondials.

Genealogy proved to be a very popular topic at the reunions.  One of the four breakout sessions in the afternoon encouraged the family organizations to donate their data (GEDCOMS and books being the most usable format) to libraries, specifically the Acadian Memorial Library.

One of the board members gave a brief overview of the new expansion program at the Grand  Pre Visitors Center.  One of the rooms will be a Louisiana Room.  We may be asked to furnish artifacts and other material for the exhibits.  It was noted that the Deportation Cross, erected in 1924, in Grand Pre was financed almost entirely by donations from Acadians in Louisiana.

The finance segment of the meeting covered financing  CAFA, as well as financing the individual family organizations.  The reports showed that though each family was hoping to break even with their own reunions, the vast majority were financial successes.  It was also recommended that if individuals or businesses desired to join  CAFA, it would be permissable.  Such membership would be non-voting, and be at $15.00 per year.

Remarks were made that very little news was coming from Nova Scotia about CMA 2004.  Eddie Richard then explained that it was still very early and we need to exercise patience.     Mr. Richard further explained that  CAFA had been invited to send a delegate to attend a planning meeting of the CMA-2004 Committee in Nova Scotia.  This would be for the election  of the CMA 2004 Committee and officers, and start laying the groundwork for CMA 2004.        A report on that trip follows this summation.

The subject of a Web Site for  CAFA was then explored at length and the officers were charged with securing such a site.  This site on the web would serve as the index to all the Acadian family organizations.  Tim Hebert volunteered to host a small site pending the development of the complete site.  Costs were discussed, both for the site and to each individual family, but no firm amount was agreed upon.  This was done with the hope that sponsorship would cover the complete cost.  (Note:  since the meeting, the registration and sponsorship have been accomplished.  The new site will be:  www.cafa.org.  

The next topic was Insurance.  Though coverage was afforded to the families through a broad coverage policy paid for by CMA 1999.  The actual coverage was not as broad as many family officers thought.  This coverage is over.  The policy has expired.  Therefore families holding functions, especially with food, beverages (especially alcoholic), rides, etc. should look into buying a liability policy.  CAFA is looking into the possibility of such a policy to cover its member associations.  This would be expensive and the member associations would have to vote on such a matter, especially the funding.

The representatives from two families, the  Comeaux and Robichaux families, came forward  and donated $200 each to CAFA.  A few others indicated that they would do likewise.

After enjoying a delicious gumbo prepared by Andy Soileau, the Board of Directors and Delegates reconvened and voted on the motions that had been made by the whole group.  All were voted in the affirmative.

After discussion the Board voted to increase the delegate strength to two delegates and two alternate delegates from each member family.  The recommendation is that each family try to appoint a delegate and an alternate from each end of the region.

The next item of business was the election of a Board member to fill the seat vacated by the death of Errol Brent Broussard.  Lea Ann LeJeune was nominated and elected unopposed.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Congres Nouvelle-Ecosse-2004

The first organizational meeting for Congre Mondial-2004 was held on Nov. 18 and 19, 1999 in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia.

This meeting was organized by Ron Bourgeois and Vaughne Madden from Nova Scotia.  Approximately 120 people from all parts of Nova Scotia attended.  Mr. Leonard Goguen and Mr. Robert Fernette from New Brunswick and Mr. Eddie Richard from Louisiana were also present for the meeting.  Mr. Goguen is immediate past president of FAFA, an organization dedicated to the continuance of Acadian Family organization.  Mr. Fernette was Chairman of CMA-1994 in New Brunswick.  Mr. Eddie Richard is Vice President of CAFA and was chairman of the Family Reunion Committee-West for the just completed CMA-Louisiana-1999.

Mr. Goguen, in his presentation to the group, related their successful experiences in 1994 with the over all organization for the Congre.  Eddie, in his presentation, also explained the planning and organization for the reunions in Louisiana including  finance, programs, family reunions, and administration.  Mr. Richard also explained the details of the planning and assistance given to all 57 family reunions held in Louisiana in 1999.

The group agreed that CAFA would be the organization in Louisiana that would be recognized as the organization to assist them with their Congre.

During the meeting a Board of Directors was elected.  One representative was elected from each area of Nova Scotia.  Elected are Neil Boucher, Jennifer Bourque, Napolean Chiasson,    Jos Cottreau, Michel deNonCourt, Harley d'Entremont, Pauline d'Entremont, William Girroir, Julie Oliver, and Allister Surette.  Responsibilities and Functions of the board were also approved.

"My opinion is that Ron and Vaughne did a very good job in organizing their first meeting and  judging by the number of people attending, the interest and enthusiasm shown, they are off to a very good start." said Eddie.

Signed: Eddie Richard

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